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Speaking of Birds Home Page

Welcome to Speaking of Birds.  We offer delightful after dinner speeches on birds, birding, and birdwatching.  In addition to an after dinner event, Speaking of Birds is ideal for guest / partner / spouse programs at your next meeting or convention.  You can also find lots of other information on this site about birding and birdwatching.

The Presentations

Yes, Virginia, there IS a Yellow-bellied Sapsucker is a humorous, story-filled program that'll give you a special perspective on the slightly odd, but fast growing hobby of birdwatching.  This presentation is funny, informative and will delight your audience. 

A Beginner's Guide to Birding is ideal as a special spouse or guest program.  We'll teach your guests the basics of birding and even take them on a field trip to a local park or preserve to get them started.

In combination with either of the above programs, we also offer a Bonus Field Trip for those in your organization who wish to get outside and get started fast on their new passion. 

Combine both of these programs together for a full day of fun for your meeting participants.  And please don't forget to visit JimFrazier.com for some of our other non-birding offerings.

Other Birding Information

We've got bird photographs, articles, resources and links to some of the most popular birding sites.  Even hardcore birders will enjoy the famous "Universal Laws of Birding."



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